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Current Swimming Data (Summer 2019)- Y4 Children 100% can swim 25+ meters with 86% being able to use different strokes.  Life Saving - 59%



Swimming at St Marys - Here at St Marys 86% of our current Year 6 class can swim at least 25m competently, confidently and proficiently (2017-2018).

Sports Sports Premium Grant

The Government have given all schools across the country additional funding in the form of Sports Premium. This is to help schools to enhance their sports provision and enable more children to have access to quality sports and competitive opportunities. The amount of funding is based on the number of pupils in the school plus a core amount. The funding will be provided over a two year period. Each school will receive £8,000 plus an additional £5 per pupil for the next 3 years.  For St.Marys C.E this equates to £9,125


Provision in School

At St Marys C.E we try to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities in P.E are of high quality, meeting the needs of all the pupils.  We provide a broad P.E curriculum throughout the school covering a wide range of sports such as: dance, gymnastics and physical literacy. 

Part of our sports funding will be used to release the P.E co-ordinator (Mr Gartside) from the classroom.  During this time he will be able to oversee the development of physical education at school and ensure that as a school we use this money to move forwards.Mr Gartside's work includes making sure that St.Mary's C.E children participate in as many inter-school competitions as possible throughout the year.  Extra funding will enable us to provide high quality dance lessons from a specialist teacher (Jayne) who currently runs our very successful after school dance club.  These sessions will also provide teachers with professional development which will help to strengthen their own teaching of dance.

The funding will enable us at St.Mary's to buy in a specialist coaches who will be able to train our year 4/5 children in how to be play leaders and organise playtime activities for the children at St.Mary's.

At St.Mary's C.E we aim to provide the children with additional extra-curricular activities.  We will use sports funding money to buy in a qualified coach to deliver sports such as football, rugby and badminton to the children on  a weekly basis.