Year 1


     Mrs Entwistle and Mrs Prince


           Phonics Screening Practice Materials

        Test will be during week beginning 5th June 2023

Later in the school Year (June 2023) the children in year 1 will be taking the phonics screening check.  Please find below some resources that you can use to help your child prepare.

Test 1      Test 2      Test 3       Test 4

Phonics Support Materials

Set 1 Sounds              Set 2 Sounds          Set 3 Sounds

Read Write Inc Support

Click below for all of the read write inc set 2 and set 3 green words! Can your child read them?...

Click below to see all of the read, write inc red words!

This video shows what is expected of Year 1 children in the phonics screening test!

Click below to download some nonsense word flashcards!

Click on the monster picture below for practise tests and materials.


You could also play 'Picnic on Pluto to practise reading nonsense words.

Children could even make their own up and test you! Visit
or click below.


Click on the image to read St Mary's Remote Education Model for parents 


Click above for the Year 1 and Year 2 Spelling List


Click above for the Year 1 Non-Negotiables

                         Books to read in Key Stage 1